20 Foods That Will Help You Relax! – Part One

I came across a cute book called “101 Ways To Simplify Your Life” by Suzannah Olivier. Some ideas were not for me but here’s some healthy tips to help you relax. I have added my own comments to the list. I will start with the first five and finish them over the next week – so come back regularly to obtain the complete list!

 20 Foods That WIll Help You Relax! – Part One

  1. Include protein in your meals. E.g. legumes, nuts, fish, meat and cheese. Why? they have sources of tryptophan which is a relaxing brain chemical. If you are like me (a typical homeschool mum) and has mood swings – just add some protein to each meal.
  2. Oats are the classic relaxation food and have been used by herbalists for centuries as a calming remendy. As a whole grain they also help to balance blodd sugar. In addition, like other carbohydrates , help the brain to process typtophan. We love porridge in the morning especially on soccer days – it fills up the tummy!
  3.  Milk which is rich in calcium, has calming properties. The book suggests having a nightcap of hot milk. I have found that it produces more problems – like extra mucous in the morning – so it’s not on my list.
  4. The author suggests that if you are dairy intolerant to have calcium enriched soya milk or rice milk –  that is a good alternative – but doesn’t quite taste the same does it?
  5. Basil is a highly calming food and can help to induce sleepiness. Keep a plant pot of basil handy to snip leaves off and put into your salads. Another great way to gain the benefits of Basil is to use Pesto Sauce (the one made out of basil that is!) – this will give you a strong sleep inducing boost. How about adding basil to your tomato soups!  Now I never knew that – Basil is now on my shopping list!

As busy mums and wives, a bit of relaxation goes a long way towards gaining sanity! – these foods help our bodies to naturally relax.

I would love to hear what foods are on your list as ones that help you relax – do any of these “do it” for you?  

Pop back for the next 5 foods!

Rachel Larkin

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