Six Vital Daily Activities That Kids Need … Revisited


What Are Your Six Vital Daily Activities That A Kid Needs?

I was reviewing my very first posts six years ago and I came across this list. Six Vital Daily Activities that I aimed to include in my son’s day.

Here are My Six Vital Daily Activities to include in your kid’s life-

1. Meaningful work

2. Imaginative play

3. Good books

4. Beauty (art,music, nature)

5. Ideas to ponder and discuss

6. Prayer

Do I still think the same way? Would I change anything now that I have nearly three teenagers?

You know, I don’t think I would change a thing on the list. In fact I can’t think of anything that I would add to it. I’m not saying that I have been totally successful in delivering each area to my sons , in fact I think number 4 – Beauty could do with a bit of a revival.

It is an extremely useful exercise to do. I encourage you to sit down and ponder what Vital Activities that you want to include in your children’s day. It doesn’t have to be six – that is just the number that I chose.

In future posts I will touch on each on of these activities – what does it look like for teenagers?

I welcome comments below – what is your chosen daily activities that you consider vital for your kids?
photo credit: ouyea… via photopin cc

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