Created for Work

Highly Recommended Book – Created for Work

This week I have been sharing about encouraging your kids/teenagers to get stuck into meaningful work everyday.

I have to share this book with you -“Created for Work” by Bob Schultz

This book is a real gem. It’s subtitle is “Practical Insights for Young Men”. It is excellent! I highly recommend it.

Here is his blurb -

In Created for Work, Bob applies his engaging homespun wisdom, with stories from real life, to teach young men (and boys) what it means to be good workers.

Modern culture seems addicted to ease and entertainment. It has produced a generation of educated yet often dishonest, unproductive, and weak-willed men. God desires higher standards for His people. He is looking for young men who do not shy away from hard work, who are not afraid to get their hands dirty, who can follow directions, think creatively, respect authority and happily complete their duties in a timely manner. These are the ones He is training up to be future fathers, teachers and leaders. Created for Work inspires young men and offers the tools and encouragement they need to embrace God’s ways and always give an honest day’s work.

It is set out like a read aloud devotional with a great quote, scripture verse and questions in each chapter. It is filled with Bob’s true life stories, which are wrapped around wise advice. My boys greatly benefited from this book and I must admit I was influenced as well!

I have provided the amazon and book depository links below. You will not be disappointed. We have also read “Boyhood and Beyond” and “Practical Happiness” – all highly recommended.

“Created for Work” – The Book Depository UK


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