Beauty – Six Daily Activities That Kids Need

Beauty awakens the soul to act.
Dante Alighieri, Italian poet 1265 A.D. -1321 A.D.


Our eyes and ears are the window to our souls. What they see and hear, feed our inner most being.  We all need to have something beautiful to see or hear every day. Beautiful things nourish us. It makes the daily grind more tolerable. Beauty provides inspiration for further creation. It does awaken the soul to act.
Here is my quick brainstorming list of six beautiful things:
1.    Art
2.    Music
3.    Architecture
4.    Sculptures
5.    Flowers
6.    Gourmet Food
I asked my sons (aged 15, 14 and 11) what they would consider beautiful and just like boys they came back with a completely different list. At first I thought – no way are they on the list! But as I pondered their list I changed my mind – as they say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Here are the Larkin Boys List of Beautiful Things:

from my very sporty son-
•    a perfect slam dunk
•    Ryan Nelsen completing a volley in the air (apparently this is awesome)

from my techie son-
•    a LEGO mosaic creation

from my bookish son-
•    a big colourful atlas

How do we insert beauty into our kids day?

Here’s some ideas -8 Beautiful Things in a Homeschoolers Day:

1.    Table Display

When my boys were younger, I encouraged them to include a table display when they “set the table” for the evening meal. We have a round glass mirror that decorators use and they would arrange a variety of “things” on top of the mirror. Some examples were – LEGO creations, all sorts of interesting “things” from outside, shells from the beach, anything from their collections – old coins, stamps, matchbox cars. It was teaching them to add something extra (beauty) to the job.

2.    Display art prints in your home
3.    Coffee table books on display

I have a plastic book holder that I use to display a beautiful picture in a book so that it is standing. I usually place this in a prominent place – like the dinning room table. Usually the book is revelant to the current studies we are doing – such as a map of the area, photos of buildings or landscapes that are inspiring.

4.    Have beautiful music playing in the background.

Yes, this is very subjective and what is beautiful to you may not be beautiful to your teenagers!

5.    Visit beautiful places

Don’t just look at books or watch tv – get out and experience beauty. Discover what your area has to offer – are there any waterfalls, snowy peaks, beaches, gardens, lakes, animals around you?

6.    Photograph beautiful things and places

Ever since the boys were young, they kept a creation journal. It is filled with photos of things they have created. Mostly LEGO creations but there are also photos of art work and structures that they have created out of interesting materials.  Is there something that your son or daughter considers beautiful? encourage them to record them collecting photos of them.

7.    Shows

Okay this is really showing that I have a family of all boys! My sons love shows when they were younger. They loved classic car shows, Air shows – anything that showed off interesting things. Is there a show that is displaying something that interests your children? Art show? Theatre? Concert?

8.    Beauty in the small things

It surprises me that God took the time and energy to create beauty in the tiny weeny things. Like a snow flake – every single flake is individually designed and beautiful. Grab a microscope and show your kids the beauty in the little things of life.

Ask your kids what they consider is beautiful in their lives – I would love to hear their answers  – share it in the comments below:


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