Making Connecting With God Fun! – Fun Bible Activities

Fun Bible Activities

Noahs ArkKids love hands on activities. They are a good way to introduce a new book, character or topic of the Bible. Plus they have fun along the way! Here’s just a couple of ideas on how you can create fun Bible Activities.


Why not include the Bible in puzzle form? Puzzles get the mind working and the children will be learning about the Bible and having fun at the same time.You could make your own puzzles by using online puzzle-type software or Google “Bible Puzzles for Kids” and print out already made puzzles to your hearts content! Crosswords, find words and quizzes.

Bible Board Games

Many of the fun board games have a Bible version.

Or you and your kids can make your own Bible board game. There are a lot of websites with printable Bible games that can give you the idea on how to make your own Board game. Here is an example. You can find these gameboards at SundaySchoolSources.commosesgameboard

Bible Trading Cards

My boys loved the Top Trumps cards. It is a quick and easy activity to take with you when traveling. You can create the same card game but with Bible characters. have Bible Trading cards for sale or they have the files available for you to print out and make your own for free.


Lapbook the Bible

Lapbooking the Bible is extremely fun. The kids are also learning about God at the same time. We did the Old Testament Lapbook by Homeschool in the Woods – Amy Pak – they boys enjoyed the process and gained a valuable overview of the Old Testament. I highly recommend lapbooking for making “school work” come alive.

Enjoy God and His Word together with your children!

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